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能年玲奈のGIRLS LOCKS! 2014.8.27 水曜日 - 閃光ライオット2014ファイナリスト音源チェック♪


橋本 愛 ・ 小松 菜奈

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36 years old Adrian Lawrenceborn in New Zealand is an art director at Fin designdesign and vfx company in Sydney.

Every job is unique to me as I work within the different stages of a commercials completion from concept ideas, style frames to 2D animation and compositing but always maintaining my strong visual sense as a designer first and foremost.

These photos come from a variety of projects where tactile the world of origami was captured by the artists at Fin Design. Whilst the scene of action was computer generated, the objects were created a completely handcrafted.


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Gamera in Japanese commercials for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (2011).

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